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You don't sleep in the kitchen so why would you want to cook in your bedroom?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

It is pretty inconvenient when you want breakfast in the morning, but you have no way to cook, so it's cold cereal or running to a fast-food chain just to get going. While some lodging facilities may offer breakfast for free, smaller ones often do not offer such a service. The biggest reasons are cost, safety, and lingering smells.

Let’s start with safety. The rooms are not designed to accommodate cooking. Items like hotplates and grills are not designed for use in small rooms that have materials that can easily ignite. All it takes is one errant spark that lands on the floor, curtains, or bedding, and you could be dealing with a fire.

To minimize the risk of damage to the establishment and our guests, we don’t allow kitchen items in the rooms except for a coffee pot, microwave, and mini-refrigerator. If you need something with a kitchen, no problem! We have mobile homes that have a full kitchen for guests that require that.

Cost is a major factor. The State of Michigan has several requirements for serving food intended to protect the consumer. Some of those requirements relate to certifications, training, and space. Each of those requirements comes with a price tag! As a smaller lodging facility, our focus is on providing a clean, comfortable room at a reasonable price and for those reasons, we would rather see you have a great meal prepared by trained professionals at one of our local restaurants as opposed to something made by lodging owners that isn't as good and would lead to higher lodging rates.

Another reason for not allowing kitchen appliances is the lingering smells that come with whatever is being cooked. State law bans cigarette smoking in rooms and we don’t allow leaf marijuana in the rooms for the same reason. Lingering smells from cigarettes, leaf marijuana, or your famous Hot Plate Chicken Quesadillas may not be agreeable to the next guest that stays in that room!

The bottom line is this, we don’t allow cooking in our rooms for the same reasons you don't sleep in your kitchen: They aren’t designed for that purpose! 😀

You do have options. You can either rent a mobile home with a fully stocked kitchen for your next stay or try one of our local establishments that make a great breakfast - our favorites are Christopher’s Cafe or Wilson’s River Edge.

Want to make a reservation for a room or a mobile home? Call 231-238-9370 or navigate to!

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