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5 Sweet Spots

There are plenty of ways to satisfy a sugary craving in the summer heat, but local spots just hit a little bit different than regular store-bought ice cream or gas station treats. The five following locations are just the place to go when you have a sweet tooth in northern Michigan

First off in Indian River is Drost’s Chocolates. One of the few candy shops where you can not only see where they make candy behind the counter, but also work their chocolate magic by hand. You find ice cream and chocolate at Drost’s, but a variety of other goods made by their partners, such as maple syrup, baking mixes, honey, jams, and more. If you want good quality, look no further than Drost’s.

Second on our list is Murdick’s in Petoskey. Long established in the Petoskey area, it’s become a fixture and regular attraction in the area. Homemade fudge, caramel corn, and peanut brittle are staples of Murdick’s. The prices are affordable and a variety of treats, you’ll find something to satisfy a craving here.

The Alpine Chocolate Haus in Gaylord marks the third entry on this list. With interesting combinations of chocolate confections, such as potato chips coated in milk or dark chocolate, to “Awesome in a Bag” caramel corn, which is made with white and milk chocolate and peanut butter mixed into the caramel corn. Experimentation is the name of the game at Alpine Chocolate Haus, with plenty of classics to enjoy as well.

Back in Indian River, we have a small kiosk aptly titled Dairy Mart. With no indoor seating, and instead benches and a small pavilion, Dairy Mart is a lovely stall with big flavor. Plenty of soft serve and sundae delights available during the summer, with classic flavors such as a banana split to the Oreo brownie supreme fudge sundae. The pricing is affordable compared to portion sizes, and you can visit again and again to try something new.

Dairy Zone of Petoskey serves up more than just ice cream, as they also make food and ice cream cakes to order. If you are looking for something simple but effective, Dairy Zone will have something to tease your taste buds. With additional specials depending on the day of the week for meals, Dairy Zone caters to a wide array of needs upon arrival, and can leave you satisfied.

With these 5 local favorites all within a half hour drive from Waterway Inn, you can try more than one during your stay. A short drive into town will bring you to our doors, and you can find plenty of activities to fill your stay in Indian River with good memories and happy moments. Let us give you a place to rest your head between adventures in Indian River and on the inland waterway.

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